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Professor frink computer dating

Featuring the voice of Sara Gilbert (Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory)Homer has a heart attack but cannot afford proper medical care, so dodgy doctor Nick Riviera offers to perform a cut-price triple-bypass operation.Cartoon capers, with the voices of Dan Castellaneta and Hank Azaria Marge sets out to halt the plans of an unscrupulous businessman intending to defraud Springfield's residents by supplying them with a defective monorail system.Featuring the guest voice of Dustin Hoffman Bart becomes convinced Milhouse and Martin are trying to steal a valuable comic book they all clubbed together to buy.As his paranoia escalates, the three enter into a dangerous confrontation that threatens to end their friendship.

Animated comedy, featuring the voice of the singer himself Lisa comes first in a writing competition and wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington - where her faith in the democratic process is shattered by the unseemly spectacle of a congressman accepting a bribe Bart becomes Fat Tony's personal errand boy and revels in the dubious prestige conferred by his new-found underworld connections - until he finds himself standing trial accused of murdering Principal Skinner Homer inadvertently saves Springfield from the consequences of a nuclear meltdown and becomes a local hero, but soon starts to feel like a fraud and grows tired of everyone congratulating him.

The two boys decide to throw the match by agreeing on a tie, but it is their fathers who pay the price An evening's car-crushing entertainment brings out the daredevil in Bart - who decides to try some death-defying stunts of his own, culminating in a skateboard jump over a gorge.

Luckily, Homer is on hand to bring him down to earth Marge begins a crusade to clean up TV, convinced The Itchy & Scratchy Show is turning baby Maggie into a thug.

Back in Springfield, his Albanian replacement takes an unhealthy interest in the nuclear power plant Homer is aghast to overhear Marge threatening to leave him and makes a big effort to turn over a new leaf, starting by taking her out for the night - leaving their kids in the care of the babysitter from hell Super-slob Homer is transformed into a virile high-flyer at work - all thanks to a powerful hair-restorative and the services of a mysterious personal assistant.

Featuring the guest voice of actor and playwright Harvey Fierstein Homer becomes his local baseball team's mascot and does so well that a Major League side recruits him to help revive its flagging fortunes. With the guest voice of Tony Bennett Parental rivalry between the Simpsons and long-suffering neighbours the Flanders adds spice to a junior golf tournament as Bart and Todd go head to head.

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With the guest voices of Larry King and George Takei Lisa is shocked by Homer's ploy to get illegal cable TV, fearing he is destined to go to hell for breaking one of the Ten Commandments - thou shalt not steal.

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