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Many thousands of people from around the world contribute to the project, and many millions of websites are powered by it — 25% of the web, in all.

The easiest method is to use an FTP program to download all of your Word Press files from your host to your local computer.

Your Word Press site consists of the following files: Everything that has anything to do with the look and feel of your site is in a file somewhere and needs to be backed up.

Additionally, you must back up all of your files in your Word Press directory (including subdirectories) and your file.

There are two parts to backing up your Word Press site: Database and Files.

This page talks about Files only; if you need to back up your Word Press database, see the Backing Up Your Database.

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It comes in two flavors: the fully hosted Word Press.com, and the self-hosted version, whose software is available for free at Word